The Colegio Profesional de Psicólogos was funded on November of 1977, by the Law of the Republic No. 6144, as a public entity of professionals in the area of Psychology.

Years went on and the carreer of Psychology grew very quickly, because of the social, cultural, and economical changes that have impacted people's life propitiating new fields of investigation and professional intervention.

The challenge was to create a campaign that would launch the school to a target audience of 20 to 32 year olds who, according to research, are the most affected by traffic that provokes stress.

The Colegio Profesional de Psicólogos wanted a large, yet affordable social campaign to control stress in the middle of heavy traffic. The campaign will be released only outdoors, since the campaign is aimed at drivers. The campaign is supposed to be creative, but illustrations can't be used in any of the artwork and the design must be simple and clean.

This new campaign was an urgent job and was supposed to be made in 4 days.

Remember when you played with that moody kid back in your childhood? Did you wanted to play again with that kid? Not really. This is the same thing, but with adults. No one wants to share the road with drivers who won't stop screaming or honking. That's an awful experience, and it's exactly what causes stress to people. If you don't collaborate, we all loose.

Let's mix these childhood experiences with the adult life in the middle of traffic.
The concept consists in presenting pictures of adults playing with toys cars in the middle of traffic. Some of the cars will have simple illutrations that will represent noise, cursing or frustration just the way they are portrayed in old comic strips and known comic strips like Quino's Mafalda or Peanuts. Again, just like it mentioned above, the concept is to represent traffic with toy cars.

To keep the design clean and simple, everything will adapted on a flat blue background with white letters.

The copy that will be used in the campaign is "Si jugás mal, perdemos todos" which means "If you play badly, we all lose."

The following phrases will be used in the pieces:
1. Manejá el estrés. Dormí de 7 a 8 horas diarias y aprovechá al máximo las 16 horas restantes.
2. Manejá el estrés. Tomá un respiro profundo y recordá que pronto estarás en tu hogar.
3. Manejá el estrés. Inteligencia no es poder cambiar una situación, inteligencia es aceptarla.
4. Manejá el estrés. Recordá: Planificá el viaje, las rutas y sobre todo, el tiempo.
5: Manejá el estrés. A palabras necias, oídos sordos. Manejá en paz.

Each one means:
1. Drive the stress. Sleep from 7 to 8 daily hours y seize the 16 remaining hours.
2. Drive the stress. Take a deep breath and remember you will arrive home soon.
3. Drive the stress. Intelligence is not being able to change a situation, is to accept it.
4. Drive the stress. Remember: plan your trip, the routes, and above all, the time.
5. Drive the stress. Turn a deaf ear to foolish comments. Drive in peace.

Creative and art director: Marv Castillo
Investigator and account manager: Valeria Zeledón
Graphic designer: María Fernanda Calderón
Photographer: Valeria Zeledón
Copywriters: Marv Castillo and Saulo Zamora ​​​​​​​

Thanks for watching and appreciating!

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