This year, during the quarantine I asked my Twitter followers if I should draw Bad Bunny. They said yes. Since I like very much how this illustration turned out I produced some materials to show how it might look if I actually designed the artwork for Bad Bunny's newest record. This is not in any way, shape or form related to official Bad Bunny artwork or Universal Music Group.
I did some research before jumping to the Procreate app and start the artwork. Watched some interviews, revisited some of his music and I tried to incorporate what I learned in the artwork. For example, he loves sneakers, I incorporated his favorite color into the illustration, and he says he loves different sunglasses. Because of the music video for "Hablamos Mañana" I added some Grand Theft Auto aesthetic to the artwork.

Since he comes from Puerto Rico. I incorporated some shapes that suggest the countries environment. Also, I included some seagulls, because "Callaíta".
Note: The bunny from this picture comes from Arlee.P if you want to support her work, click her name.
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